Chefs Special

Chicken / Lamb Tikka Massala
Diced chicken or lamb tikka marinated in yoghurt with herbs & spices, cooked in a special sauce.
Chicken / Lamb Passanda
Diced Chicken or lamb marinated & barbecued then cooled in fresh cream & butter. Mild
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Rezela
CChicken or lamb tikka in a sauce with fresh green chillies, coconut & fresh garlic (hot & tangy)
Garlic Chilli Chicken or Lamb
Chicken or Lamb tikka in a sauce with fresh green chillies
Prawn Cocktail
Prawns marinated in a seafood sauce served with fresh salad.
Tandoori King Prawn Massala
Barbecued king prawns in a specially flavoured sauce with cream
Tandoori Mixed Massala
Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & prawns marinated in yoghurt with delicate spices & cooked in specially flavoured sauce.
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfrazi
Baked chicken cooked with green chillies, capsicum, tomatoes & methi leaves.Fairly hot.
Karahi Platter
Curry Leaf speciality. An assortment of kebabs in a mild sauce
Karahi Chicken or Lamb
Diced chicken or lamb grilled with spices, chopped tomatoes & capsicum, served in a traditional Karahi.
Chicken or Lamb Roshanwala
Chicken or lamb tikka in a sauce with extra garlic, onion, herbs & spices.
Chicken or Lamb Behare
Spiced chicken or lamb tikka with a delicious blend of herbs & green Chillies in a special sauce. Garnished with fresh cream & coriander
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Bhuna
Medium spiced dish cooked in a sauce of onions, tomato, fenugreek and coriander
Shatkora (Chicken or Lamb)
Cooked with famous fragrant Sylheti lemon.
Butter Chicken
Diced pieces of chicken cooked with butter, mild spices in a rich & creamy sauce
Tandoori Mixed Platter
An assortment of chicken tikka, lamb Tikka & sheekh kebab served with salad & mint sauce.
Salmon Tikka Bhuna
Pan fried Salmon Steak cooked with a dozen fresh herbs & spices, garnished with coriander. Fish Lovers Delight.
Pathia (Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka)
Cooked with fresh onions, tomato & lemon juice, a slightly hot, sweet & sour dish.