Chicken / Lamb Tikka Marinated in yoghurt and spices then char-grilled. £3.25
Sheekh Kebab Minced lamb subtly spiced, rolled onto a skewer and char-grilled. £3.25
Onion Bhaji Chopped onions and special herbs deep fried with lentils. £2.95
Samosa - Veg / Meat Triangular shaped pastry stuffed with spiced veg / lamb. £2.95
Prawn Cocktail Prawns marinated in a seafood sauce served with fresh salad. £2.95
Tandoori Chicken Chicken on the bone marinate in special yoghurt sauce, char-grilled. £3.25
Panir Tikka Marinated Indian cheese in a special sauce char-grilled. £4.50
Stuffed Pepper Char-grilled green pepper stuffed with vegetables, chicken or lamb. £4.50
Prawn Puri Sweet & sour prawns with puri bread. £3.95
Amritsri Garlic Chicken Spicy chicken, deep fried & garnished with salad. £4.50
Amritsri Garlic Aloo Spicy potato, deep fried. £3.95
Tandoori Machlee Trout marinated in a tikka sauce a & barbecued. £4.50
Tikka Chat - Chicken or Lamb Marinated tikka cooked in a dry sauce & served on puri. £4.25
Crab on Puri Crab meat cooked in a dry sauce & served on puri. £4.25
King Prawn Butterfly Delicately spiced king prawns fried in ghee. £4.95
Tandoori Mixed Platter An assortment of chicken tikka, lamb Tikka & sheekh kebab served with salad & mint sauce. £4.50
Reshmi Kebab Spiced minced lamb fried in ghee & served with fluffy bread. £4.50
King Prawn Puri Prawns cooled in special spices & served with fluffy bread. £4.50
Chingry Kebab King prawns marinated in special sauce & cooked with green herbs £5.50
Salmon Tikka Char-grilled salmon marinated in a special sauce. £4.50
Spicy Garlic Mushrooms £4.50
Vegetable Platter (Veg Samosa, Onion Bhaji & Veg Pakora) £3.95