Tandoori Special

The ‘Tandoor’ is a clay oven. This ancient mode of cooking, though primitive, can out-do any modern method for cooking where flavour is concerned. Burning charcoal at the base of the clay oven can roast an entire chicken in a matter of minutes.

Tandoori Mixed Grill
Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, shish kebab. Served with pilau rice or nan bread & fresh green salad
Tandoori Chicken
Chicken marinated in special spices and yoghurt, then barbecued in the tandoor on skewers.
Chicken / Lamb Tikka
Diced chicken / lamb marinated & barbecued over charcoal
Chicken / Lamb Shashlick
Cubes of marinated chicken or lamb cooked in the tandoor, threaded on a skewer together with assorted vegetables
Lahsuni Jheenga
Luscious king prawns carefully marinated with fresh garlic & Spices
King Prawn Varuval
Marinated king prawns stir-fried with mushrooms, onions & green peppers